DIY Guide for Hosting the Timetable Web-app

So, you want to host one of this for your class, you’ve come to the right place. Time-table


What is this Web-app?

The timetable web-app is a simple app to display the day’s Class Timetable.

It supports the publishing of alternate schedules or fall-back to the regular timetable all in the control of an easy to use Google Form. The app also features Google Account pre-selection, Dark Mode and also a Notification when its time for the next Period!

Assumptions I’m gonna assume a few things here,

  • You know how to use Github.
  • You have an account in Github.
  • You know basics of programming (optional).
  • You know how to make Google Forms and Google Sheet Responses.

Getting Started

Forking my Repository

Head over to and fork my repository.

In your fork, be sure to enable Github pages for your branch. To enable Gh-pages navigate to :

Settings > Github Pages > Select Branch

Wait for Github to respond with

Your site is published at ..../time-table/

Click the link and See if the Deployment is successful and the page loads correctly or not.

//Figure Here

Backend Setup

Setting Up the Google Form Now to make a Google Form that works as the back-end panel, click the link below to Make a copy of the Form.

Make a Copy - Google Form

Setting Up the Response Sheet In your form, Go to the Responses tab and Click the Spreadsheet icon to generate a Responses Sheet.

Go to the Responses Sheet and Click the Share button on the top right. Copy the ID of the sheet which is in the form. Ensure you grant Only View privileges in the Share Tab.

Copy that ID and keep it for the next step.

In your Github fork, navigate to /js/common.js.

Scroll down a bit and look for the variable sheet_id

Replace the existing ID with the ID you copied in the prev step.

The variable should now look like: sheet_id="1a2b3c4d5e...6f7g8h";

Your WebApp is now configured to source from the sheet!

Adding Supporting Sheets

Open the supporting sheets with the link below,

Add Supporting Sheets

On the bottom you’ll see 4 sheets

Links | TimeTable | TimeStart | TimeEnd

Right click each of those 4 sheets and Click Copy to > Existing SpreadSheet and select the Responses Spreadsheet.

Now Open your updated Responses Sheet and ensure you now Have 5 Sheets.

Rename the Main Response Sheet (First Sheet) as Today

Updating the Sheet

Update the Sheet with your Content.

Sheet: Links

  • Row 1 => Subjects
  • Row 2 => Class Room IDs
    • like /c/abcdefg
      Paste only the /c/abcd… portion, ignore anything after ‘?’
  • Row 3 => Colors as HEX
  • Row 4 => Meet Links
    • like
      Remove anything after ‘?….’

Sheet: TimeTable

  • Fill in your Timetable
  • Ensure the period(1st row) and days(1st column) aren’t modified.

Sheet: TimeStart and Sheet: TimeEnd

  • Like the previous, Edit the timings for Normal Days.
  • If you follow the same timetable for all the days, Copy the same timings to Friday’s row.

Final Touches

Go to your Form, and update the Options for Period 1,2,3,4,5 to the same ones entered in Sheet: Links.

Ensure the spellings are maintained and no Spaces are present.

Test Run!

Go to your Hosted App using the URL.

Replace your Github Username in the above link and Check it out!

Hope it helps!

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