Why I Chose Linux

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Windows, has been the only operating system I’ve used since I was 5, until last year. I still remember that Grey vibe of Windows 98. That soon was upgraded to Windows XP (called Windows Xperience by the community). To be completely honest with Y’all, I’ve probably boot-looped about 10 systems when I was a kid. That sure was a hell lotta scolding, coz it was always Mom to the rescue, there weren’t many Computer Engineers back in those times.

Yeah, returning to the Title of our Discussion, The Reason for me to Switch to Linux was mainly this.

This has been haunting me ever since I Upgraded my to Windows 8.1 and even to Windows 10 (and my Windows is genuine, just to be clear). The worst part was having to re-code the projects i was working on (or even lose the undo history, which is almost as dreadful), This was when I looked towards Linux, hoping for a solution.

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Haha, I guess I veered off course again, So just recently, bout 2 years ago I met An Open source Techie, Subin. He offered to install on my Lap a famous OS, namely KDE Neon An OS based on At first I hated it, it felt so hard to use the terminal for most of the tasks. Why don’t we take a look at a few points why I didn’t use Linux

  • Elegance: Had a basic layout and appearance.
  • User Friendly: The settings and utilities that we are familiar with Windows are either missing or tucked away in another name.
  • Installation: Installing apps need you to use the terminal (or use the .deb packages)
  • Accessibility: Touchpad Gestures and other Shortcuts was a must, especially for an Ex-windows User

So we’ve made clear, quite a few limitations of Linux, and you’ll be wondering why the title doesn’t agree. Well lets put it this way, What if we could solve all these shortfalls ourselves. Just a Lil tinkering would fix up this ol’ guy. I’ve planned on uploading a few posts on how they’re done. So stay tuned.